Shree Electronics Services

Company Profile

A transparent organization, expert knowledge in the electronics PCB assembly business, state-of-the-art technologies and traditional values such as honesty,constancy and reliability characterize our business.Shree Electronics services are your partner for electronic manufacturing services.Located in Ambad, Nashik Maharashtra India, we provide SMT & THT assembly,cable & device assembly.

We can provide materials management, and logistics in a streamlined supply chain based on customer’s requirement and mutual agreement. From assembly to delivery, we can pride ourselves on providing customized, full-service offerings to our clients.

  • Electrical and Electronic Products and PCB Assemblies
  • Cable assembly
  • Wire harness connectors
  • Any other Job work related to electronics
  • SMD and THT PCB assembly with temperature controlled soldering.
  • Cable assembly and connector assembly as per customer’s requirement.
  • Manufacture according to Documented procedure
  • For the production, professional, certified and high quality soldering pastes, adhesives and flux material are used only
  • We ensure high safety standard with the aid of modern production lines

Our operational and production processes comply with these important industry and safety standards.For customers in all the fields, we maintain standard processes for non-RoHS & ROHS manufacturing. In the electronics industry, accuracy and reliability are everything. We have practiced extensive in-house quality assurance testing protocols that are carried out after each stage of the production process.
We can adapt customer specific manufacturing processes to comply with the demands of individual project or industry-specific quality standards. Depending on project or industry, we shall meet and exceed the quality-specifications required by the customer.As an supplier for electronics industry, you can be assured that our quality-control standards conform to the most rigorous of industry specifications.Frequent customer and company audits verify our uncompromising commitment to quality here at Shree Electronics services.

Our understanding of quality is not limited to the successful delivery of finished products. It extends to the fulfillment of our customer's current requirements and the anticipation of their future needs. In addition to our production and quality-management processes, we also see reliability and timely delivery as key components of our overall quality strategy at Shree Electronics Services Our focus on personalized customer service and support lead to speedy quotation processing and short delivery times. Efficient and effective processes make it possible for us to offer our customers not only quality products and a high level of personalized service, but also attractive pricing.
Today, By initiating several world class practices, we want to become a preferred supplier for our Multi-national Customers. This can be achieved through proper strategic planning, excellent HR management and a strong foundation based on our Core Values.